Support Groups

Many larger Nebraska communities have support groups for stroke survivors. To help you find one nearby, we have compiled a list of groups, organized geographically. Download the PDF.

If you need a wider search, the National Stroke Association has a national database of support groups. You can also register your support group with them or start a new one.

How to Develop a Support Group

Our outreach coordinator Marcia Matthies has written a short guide on how to start a support group. Download the PDF.

Educational Programs

Our association provides educational programs for groups of all sizes that show participants how to reduce their own risk of stroke, teach them to recognize the warning signs of stroke in others, and help them understand what to do when they see those warning signs. Programs also provide information on how to increase the quality of life for stroke survivors and their families. Up to 80% of strokes can be prevented, and this information can be lifesaving. We also provide speakers for nursing home and therapy staff education. Contact us for more information.

School Programs

We have developed an educational program for grade school students that debuted at Seward Elementary to fifth-graders. The program so far has reached 325 students and teachers, and we would like to expand it to other schools. If you are interested in having the educational program in your classroom, contact us.

Facebook Group

We have started a Facebook group for stroke survivors, caregivers, and loved ones. It is a place where you can find answers to questions, get support, and be able to connect with other stroke survivors.

NSSA Volunteers

Our volunteers help us achieve our mission by staffing our fundraising events, doing clerical work at our office, and speaking on stroke awareness and prevention. Equally importantly, they help stroke survivors and caregivers directly through activities like helping caregivers find the right information they need to take better care of their loved ones. Contact us to learn more.

ElderCare Resource Handbook

Care Consultants for the Aging publishes an all-inclusive listing of services, programs, and other resources available for seniors and their families in Lincoln and Omaha. The handbook is updated every two years. Go to the Care Consultants website where you can read the latest online version of the handbook for free or purchase a printed copy.


If you experience difficulty holding a book or turning its pages or just seeing the text, you may qualify for free audiobooks from the Nebraska Library Commission—even if your condition is temporary. Recorded books, magazines, and playback equipment are available for free to any qualifying Nebraskan. The commission’s Talking Book and Braille Service, working with the Library of Congress, offers over 10,000 audio book titles and 48 audio magazines. The book collection includes nationwide bestsellers, westerns, biographies, history, and romances. The commission’s Prairie Lane Studios records books and magazines about Nebraska and the Great Plains. A digital player is loaned to each borrower. It has large buttons and excellent sound quality, and it is designed to be easy to use. All materials are mailed to borrowers and then returned to the Talking Book and Braille Service postage free.

For more information or an application form, contact Scott Scholz, TBBS acting director/circulation and production coordinator, at (800) 307-2665 or (402) 471-6553. You can also visit the TBBS website. Download an application form and learn more about the application process here.

Gentiva Safe Strides Program

Gentiva has developed a home-based rehabilitation program to help improve balance and reduce falls. Learn more.

American Heart Association

To help save lives, the AHA has developed guidelines for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and ECC (emergency cardiovascular care). The organization also provides training materials, courses, and programs, available to the general public. Check out their video on hands-only CPR.

Have questions? Want to volunteer? Contact us.


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