The annual Stephanie Wever Courage Award recognizes a stroke survivor who exemplifies courage in overcoming the effects of stroke. Stephanie Wever, a stroke survivor and former NSSA board member, died December 25, 2015, at age 32. She was dedicated to raising awareness of strokes and her rare gene defect, ACTA2. 

The Nebraska State Stroke Association (NSSA) selects one Stephanie Wever Courage Award recipient annually. In October 2019, the award recipient will be recognized during a World Stroke Day event in in Nebraska. For questions, contact NSSA at or (402) 472-3140. 

 Stephanie Wever Courage Award Criteria 

  1.  There are no age restrictions for nominees.
  2. Nominee must be a stroke survivor.
  3. Nominations may be made by parents, spouses, teachers, therapists, or stroke rehabilitation professionals. 
  4. Nominee must be a resident of the State of Nebraska. 
  5. Entry forms must provide a statement of the nominee’s stroke experience, including examples of courage in overcoming the results of a stroke. Special consideration will be given to nominees who have volunteered time in support of other stroke survivors. 
  6. Photographs of the Stephanie Wever Courage Award recipient will be used to promote Stroke Awareness Month in Nebraska during the month of May. 
  7. All entries become the property of NSSA, and all decisions are final.
  8. Nomination forms (download here) are due to the NSSA office by 5 p.m. Friday, August 16, 2019. Email your completed nomination form to or mail to Nebraska State Stroke Association 6900 L St., Suite 1B, Lincoln, NE 68510.